Sunday, March 11, 2012


Wow what a gorgeous weekend it has been.  Tomorrow starts off our "Spring Break" here for the kids.  So, I'm hoping to get some crafting done this week.  But we will see...

Today, I would like to share with you a "Congratulations" card.  This card could be used for multi occasions.  Let's take a look shall we.

The following supplies are needed to make this card.  Base card (4 1/4" x 11") scored in half, cardstock (4" x 5 1/4"), patterned cardstock (3 3/4" x 5"), and another cardstock (3" x 4 1/2").  You will also need the sweethearts cricut cartridge.   On page 40, you will need to cut four hearts at 1 1/2" on blackout (1 - black; 1 - white; 1 - red; 1 - skin tone).  Additionally, you need two 1" circles stamped out of skin tone cardstock.  Other supplies will be ink stamp pads, gems, ribbons and a sentiment stamp.  You can first put the cardstock (4" x 5 1/4") onto base card and set this aside.  Attach the patterned paper with the small cardstock wrapping your ribbons around and tying a bow.  Stamp your sentiment to the bottom of your small cardstock and then set this aside.  Now lets get onto the hearts...

For the lady, you will need to cut from the top a "V" line to form the neck line.  Punch two 1" circles and tape these together.  These will be a mask to do some dark shading under the chest area.  Next punch another two 1" circles out of scrap paper to create the lighter shading with white on the chest.  Now set this aside and let it dry.  With small foam dots attach the two 1" circles to the skin colored heart... about 1/8" of an inch from the top, glue the dress over the top.  Finally, I attached a pearl to the center.


For the mad cut a slit down from the top of the heart no more then 1".  Bend back each side to form the jacket opening and cut a small wedge from each side.  Ink the edges and add a small button.  For the tie, put a knot in the ribbon and snip off any extra and attached it to the white heart with a glue dot.  Attach the black heart to the white heart by adding some foam tape and glue.

Attach the hearts to the smaller cardstock and then attach to the base card.  Now you have a beautiful card. 

As always, thanks for stopping by.  If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.  Otherwise, have a wonderful Sunday and again thanks for stopping by......

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